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Common problem

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Common problem

BTA-450 full automatic L type thermal shrinkage sealing machine


Fault condition

Cause of failure

Maintenance method


Machine no electricity

No power

Connect to power

Power switch not started

system power on

Power switch burning

Replace power switch

Fuse burn

Replace fuse


Have power, but the machine does not work

Emergency switch not released

Release emergency switch

Programmable logic controller (PLC) does not work

View programmable logic controller (PLC) input power

The programmable controller burned

Replace programmable controller

Emergency switch contact burn

Replace emergency switch


Heater does not heat

The heater switch is not started

Start heater switch

The default value is too low a temperature controller

Adjust the preset value of the temperature controller

The heater switch contact burning

Replace heater switch

Burning temperature controller

Replacement temperature controller

Solid state relay (SSR) burned

Replace solid state relay (SSR)

Electric heating tube burning

Replace electric heating t

BTB-300A transparent film three-dimensional packaging machine




Run out of sync

1, cutting knife and the knife is not synchronized;

See the debugging code of second.

2, thin film feed and feed propeller is not synchronized;

See the debugging code of fourth.

3, feed propeller and turret is not synchronized;

See the debugging code of third.

4, the discharge of the propeller and the tower is not synchronized;

See debugging code fifth.

Thin film feed

1, the cutting knife failed to cut off in time;

See debugging code second.

2, film cutting and cutting knife with a stick;

1, remove the necrosis of the film, and cut.2,   replace the film.

3, the film is not on the right.

ut the film on the right side.

Card box

Box position is not right

Remove the bad box, put the box, re boot.

BTM-400A thermal contraction packing machine


Cause of failure


Sealing knife is not heated

Circuit breaker tripping

Check the circuit and circuit breaker

Sealing knife burning

Replace sealing knife

Transformer burnout

Measuring transformer output sealing and cutting process, such as no 54V   output, replace the transformer

The sealing knife is heated, but the film is cut   continuously.

Local damage of the sealing knife

If a sealing knife gap, the replacement of sealing knife

There is a foreign body on the seal.

Cleaning the sealing knife with a dry cotton cloth and a film removing   agent

High temperature adhesive tape damage

The replacement of high temperature adhesive tape

Heat resistant adhesive tape damage

Such as the discovery of heat-resistant rubber strip surface is not flat,   that should be replaced

The screw loosening of the fixed cutter groove leads to the uneven of the   cutter groove.

Re leveling groove, and fastening screws

BTB-I/BTB-II transparent film three-dimensional packaging machine

Common fault



Side seal, integer operation is not synchronized

Side sealing, integer interval
A different drive cam

Adjust side seal by mark,
Integer drive cam synchronization

Packaging filmAdhesion is not strong

The transparent film is not on a.

Hand bag attention to the film package is

Sealing temperature is too low, the film does not

Increasing the sealing temperature to the working range

High temperature sealing Tanghuai transparent film

Reduce the sealing temperature to the scope of work

Card box

Box position is not right

Feeding time to pay attention to put the positive packing box

The conveying track too tight (narrow)

Adjust the width of the conveyor track to the appropriate location

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