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The development prospect of the automatic heat shrink packaging machine


With the continuous adjustment of the global industrial organization, shrink machine industry has also accelerated the pace of industrial restructuring. The process is simple, rough, large amount of energy consumption will shrink gradually eliminated by the market. The production of sophisticated, sophisticated technology, high degree of automation, low energy consumption, although the price is higher, but the value and the price is high, have been gradually accepted by the market.

Mechanical industry analyst pointed out: with continuous increase of domestic human resources cost, sewing worker difficult to recruit has become an indisputable fact, factory labor cost pressure further increase. In order to improve the labor productivity of enterprise units, shrink machine automation is eliminated slowly is not high, high energy consumption, unstable operation. And gradually increase the high degree of automation, stable operation, low energy consumption of the whole automatic shrinkage machine input. Thus, it promotes the research of automation technology and reducing energy consumption.

By the European debt crisis and the U.S. economic downturn, the impact of high unemployment, as the mechanical and electrical products, the shrinkage of the machine is also affected by the impact. The foreign market is sluggish, but also makes the contraction of domestic machine industry competition more fierce, to ensure that the contraction of domestic machine industry in the context of the global economic downturn will not be eliminated and left behind. Each big enterprise in increasing product development, shorten the production cycle, expand sales channels, to increase advertising and marketing investment, Gexianshentong mustering a strength of competition.

Shrink machine in the future development will gradually increase the degree of automation and specialization. The future, automatic machine applications will be more extensive, will use more general spare parts accessories. The market competition will become increasingly fierce.

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